The need to get out and test the Sony 6300 was pushing me into going out for a walk, so when Ashley phoned me to see if I fancied a walk around Monyash I was raring to go. Our wives were happy to be rid of us for a day so we set off for a brisk 14 miler.
When I got the Sony, it was specifically to take walking. Carrying a Canon 5D3 with a 17-40 lens on was a bulky and weighty proposition but for a number (lots) of years I always hauled my SLR around with me. It was time for a change. I’d read up about loads of mirrorless cameras and finally made the decision after about 12 months of faffing and reading. Most of the reviews were favorable, but they also mentioned the Sony menu system being a pain in the arse. And it is. There is still a slight lag too between pressing the shutter button and the picture being taken, but it is very slight and easy to work with. The most noticable thing for me though is the dynamic range. It is proving easier than the 5D3 to drag the highlights down and bump the shadows up whilst retaining shadow detail. All in all, I think it’ll do the job, but a better lens may be in the pipeline.

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