As I looked out from my desk, the sun was shining on Kinder Scout and the heather looked very colourful. I had a couple of hours so I took my camera for a walk. Most people set off from Hayfield when they’re walking up there but when there’s limited time there is an alternative. Parking in the lay-by at the top of Chunal there’s a style in the wall, crossing which leaves you in access land (SK033907 on the Dark Peak map). This way you can cross Chunal Moor, over to Harry Hut trig point and follow the rough path through the heather to the stone flag path to the top of Mill Hill. If you want to, you can drop down into the saddle, with Ashop Head on your left and William Clough on the right and carry on up the steep path (part of The Pennine Way) and up onto the plateau. Kinder Downfall is only about a mile furter on when you reach the top.
When I got there (Mill Hill) it was overcast and starting to spit with rain. The colours were subdued and the lovely light had gone. I didn’t bother getting the camera out of the bag but I did send the drone up for a quick pano when the threatened rain didn’t turn into a downpour.
The irony is, as I look now at Kinder, it’s bathed in lovely evening sun. Ah well.
Here’s the pano..

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