mapyx quo os mapping software – Goodbye

mapyx quo has run its course

I’ve been using mapyx quo for route and photography location planning  for several years. One you get used to the quirky interface and the use of layers in the software it actually worked quite well. I’ve spent quite a lot of money buying the map tiles and planned loads of long distance and day trips with it,  so I feel a bit invested in it. Mapyx quo isn’t intuitive, has always been buggy and a bit primitive but recently it has just stopped working. It won’t start at all! I’ve looked at the available support, which to be honest is poor. I’ve made sure Windows is up-to-date and tried running with every compatibility (making it compatible back to windows xp!). I’ve uninstalled and re-installed mapyx quo cleanly. There’s no interference from my AV either. A rather worrying thing too is that the site seems to be insecure   Notice the http without the s on the end.
For extra support I have to buy a ticket, which I was prepared to do, but then, it just doesn’t work; at all. Should I pay for support or go for a more fluid professionally built solution? I’m all out of patience. I’ve opted for that.
I assume that the owner can’t be bothered with any further development and is simply relying on past efforts and treating it as a cash cow. Anyway I’ll be looking for an alternative, something I should’ve done ages ago, mapyx quo has run its course.

mapyx quo which way to go?

mapyx quo os mapping signpost
mapyx quo os mapping signpost

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