The Peak District is unfortunately the home of several aircraft wrecks. Most of these crash sites don’t betray their history with aircraft remains scattered around, but the site of Superfortress RB-29 on Higher Shelfstones is different. Thirteen American crew lost their lives here in this desolate location and a sense of loss still prevails. The Over Exposed reference isn’t anything to do with photography; it was the name given to this aircraft.
Ashley, A.Q. and I first visited this site in about 1980, which is when the black and white pictures below were taken. All but one of the colour photos were taken during a visit in December 2006. The final photo was from another walk earlier this year (Jan 8th 2018).
The condition of the remains has deteriorated significantly over the years but I think also that some thoughtless individuals have moved and also robbed bits. Please don’t do that.